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There are several ways to invest in Cyprus property. You can invest in a property with the intention of leasing it out allowing to generate returns through rental income or selling the property to generate returns through increase in property value. You can also invest in land and take on the role of a property developer with the purpose of developing and selling. Whatever your goals, we are here to research the market and help you to make informed decisions to ensure a return on investment and solid capital growth.


You always need to find the best location for your type of investment depending on your goals on renting, selling and developing. When it come to locations in Cyprus, there are a number of class areas to pick from, but you must be fully aware of what each region offers. Selecting a location that is popular for your type of investment will yield better returns. Cyprus offers many benefits for investors, including its geostrategic location and positive tax system. Each district in the island offers something for investors and it is a buyer's market.


Cyprus property is one of the strongest investments you can make, it isn't immune to fluctuations. As with any asset, there are property investment risks that you must ensure you are able to cope with and whether you're buying from an owner or a developer, we  will make sure you are confident with everything involved. We always research annd guide our investors before they proceed with any purchase. Our team of consultants would be delighted to assist you with more information about investing in Cyprus real estate.

The Right Investment

Cyprus has been known as an investor-friendly nation for a long time, and as global competition for economic resources has grown tighter, the island nation has extended a range of opportunities and incentives to real estate investors who decide to relocate to its shores. Our team of specialists will assist you throughout the process which entails a straight forward procedure, sound and professional advice and a rich investment real estate portfolio to ensure a return on investment and solid capital growth.

Why Cyprus

Cyprus is strategically situated between three continents and boasts an attractive climate with an average of 3000 sunny hours per year. It offers expansive and beautiful Mediterranean coastlines with beaches awarded the blue flag. Packed with exciting activities that can be enjoyed in one of the safest countries in Europe, you can partake in the buzzing nightlife or relax and enjoy a romantic break in the birthplace of the Goddess of Love. Cyprus enjoys a laid-back lifestyle, while also offering a robust infrastructure with a high quality of life and great educational prospects, should you decide to stay.


Residency Program

Permanent Residence gives investors and their families visa free travel to Cyprus and the right of residence. It gives investors the opportunity for a second base in Europe. Granted for life, this permit includes spouses, under age children and adult dependent children up to 25 years old and parents of the investor /spouse.

Buy property in Cyprus of at least €300,000 and get Permanent Residency approved in 3-4 months for you and your family.



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