For Home Owners


Our team will arrange to visit your property and provide you with essential information on selling it. Once we have seen property, then  you will probably have a rough idea of how much your property can be sold for. Our team, who has already provided you with all the relevant information on the availability of similar properties to your own and their price ranges, will assist you in setting the correct price. Setting the right price is the most important factor in selling, since if the price is right, your property will sell more quickly.


It is our expertise to market and advertise your property! We work with a great database of existing clients as well as a network of professional, who ensure that a property with the right price is sold promptly. For this part, we only eed good communication and cooperation from your side, to enable us to work on marketing and showing your property for sale. It is our job to introduce and you're your property to prospective buyers. Whatever property we market, we are here to introduce buyers for it.


Our team understands the pulse of the market and driving demand. We will ensure you obtain broad exposure for your property and help you negotiate an optimal deal. Our team are experts at market dynamics, like list-price-to-sale-price ratios, and how to tweak your price accordingly. Our extensive marketing campaigns use a combination of direct mail, advertising, networking and online publishing with professional high-quality photos and videos that will assure qualified buyers both international and local view your estate. We can streamline any complicated sales process and secure your selling interest.

Why Sell With Us

We take the time to get to know our sellers properties and match them to meet our clients needs and aspirations. From the initial decision to sell, to the offers and closing the sale, we are there. Our agents are experts who manage your property through every stage of the selling process. We work with you to get your property market-ready and communicate with you every step of the way. At Blue Sky Houses we love going above and beyond to ensure each client’s unique needs are met. Our professional, personalized service, ensures that the process is smooth and stress free.

Professional Team

At Blue Sky Houses, we are a multi-skilled and multicultural team. Many of our staff are fluent in several languages, including  English, Russian and Greek, so we have the capacity to assist clients from all different backgrounds.

We aim to exceed your expectations, providing you with professional advice, continued commitment and outstanding results. Enthusiastic and dedicated, our Sales team specialises in understanding the ever-changing market in your local area, and developing personalised, innovative marketing campaigns to attract buyers to your property.

Offers & Negotiations

Acting as your representative, we advise on offers and possible negotiations, as well as guide you with how to accept the offer and all subsequent legal proceedings. It is not unusual to have offers heavily negotiated, moving between buyer and seller many times before accepted. Our goal is to know each buyer's price limitations and expectations, as well as each property's boundaries so we are in a better position to negotiate on your behalf. We always try to advise on realistic market values in order to attract more potential buyers however a property's true value can never be under-cut.


Our consultants are standing by to discuss your needs.

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