Why list your property with a real estate agent?

Many people who decide to sell their home, think they can make extra money by removing the small percentage allocated to a real estate agent.

This seems like a great financial decision. But is it really?

Let’s consider for a moment, who you perceive as the most important person in your initial real estate transaction.

Contrary to popular belief - it’s not your lawyer. He represents your interests at closure, when the sale has already taken place - the key person in a successful sale is a buyer.

You may think this goes without saying, but finding a genuine buyer, doesn’t come about by posting a few adverts online and telling all your friends.

Finding a buyer who is qualified and financially able to purchase your home, requires a mediated process that is better achieved by an impartial representative. One who is trained and experienced to broker your agreement.

Besides your expectations of them, your serious buyer may have tough questions to ask of you. They could require information on residential visas, mortgage rates, availability of loans or how your house compares to others in the same price range.

If you are ill-equipped to answer their questions and concerns, you could see your profit margin decrease or worse, you could lose the sale altogether.

A great financial decision is hiring a qualified estate agent to broker your deal from the start.

Blue Sky Houses is a fully licensed and registered real estate agency with an expert team of property professionals. Contact us for a free confidential consultation today.

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