Top House-Hunting mistakes - What to look for when buying a house in Cyprus

Think of buying a property in Cyprus without the help of a property agent as trying to discover hidden secrets locked deep within a beautiful jewel. Explaining the analogy, the jewel is that ‘must have’ beautiful property that you’ve fallen in love with at first sight and which will be the envy of your friends and family, whilst the hidden secrets locked within it are the as yet unrevealed problems which, when uncovered would make you walk away.


One of the biggest issues the potential purchaser can face is that of title deeds. You’d imagine that paying for your dream home would secure your ownership of the building but what you may not be aware of is that builders can mortgage the land on which they build properties, be able to sell those properties but, unless the mortgage is redeemed, the land the property is built on doesn’t belong to the purchaser. This has been one of the biggest issues facing the property market in Cyprus over the last three decades and the hangover from it is still being felt. One of the first and most important checks your property agent and lawyer will make is to check that the land is unencumbered.


Buying a property without full title deeds, then finding the land is still mortgaged will dramatically reduce the value of your property and affect its saleability but equally important and less easy to ascertain is what the future plans are for development around your dream home.


Many homeowners have found their ideal retreat with stunning sea views only to discover that, soon after, a new villa or apartment block will be built immediately in front of it removing the view entirely. When you visit the site of your prospective new home, there may not be signs of further development around your property but scope out the undeveloped land around you, ask yourself ‘Can this land be built on?’, and, if so, ‘Will further development affect my view and ultimately the value of my home?’


Next, you’ll need to consider the construction of your new home. Until recently, properties were generally built with a single thickness wall of hollow brick which kept the heat in during the hot summer months and let it escape in the cold winter months, causing expensive heating bills in summer and incurring even more expensive air-conditioning costs in summer. EU regulations on property construction now means that more recently built properties must have EU standard wall, floor and ceiling insulation with many other energy saving methods including solar heated hot water, underfloor heating and, in many cases as an optional extra, photovoltaic solar panels to reduce your reliance on mains electricity and reduce carbon emissions.


In the past, unscrupulous builders have chosen unsuitable ground on which to build properties. There are many examples where a stunning home has been built on an elevated plot to enjoy stunning views only for it to begin to slide down the hill or mountainside making the property uninhabitable. This is where a comprehensive survey of your new property is vital for the security of your investment.

Whilst these examples can be very concerning to the potential buyer, all can be overcome by using a reliable property agent to source your property. In Cyprus, as elsewhere, longevity of a business is based on reputation and Blue Sky Houses, with the many years of individual experience of their owners, together with their track record of working only with the best lawyers and financial institutions, are proud of their reputation as diligent agents working only for the best interest of their valued clients.

Put your trust in Blue Sky Houses to find your haven in Cyprus and you’ll find that the potential nightmares detailed above will be replaced with sweet dreams.

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